Frosty has his top hat
Rudolph his red nose
Santa's got eight reindeer
To keep that sleigh afloat
Oh, I may not have any magic
But Baby please don't go
Cause it's Christmas Eve,
Let's you and me
Find some mistletoe

A Christmas kiss, From your sweet lips
Is the only gift I need
No wrapping paper can contain the
The joy you bring to me

It's snowing on the sidewalk
Got a fire burnin' strong
Kick off your shoes, bring those baby blues
We're dancing all night long
I'll pop some sparkling Asti’
Make a toast to love
Don't need that tree lit up to see
It's you I'm dreaming of


You know how much I love you
Hope, by now, I made that clear
Just throw your arms around me, girl
I'll fill your world with cheer
It's getting close to midnight
Time to make your wish come true
Can't you see you were meant for me
That's why I'm asking you for


A Christmas Kiss, from your sweet lips
That's the only gift I need

Writers: J. D'Agostino, W. Boutros

Contact: Bob Dellaposta 615-754-6099