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  1. Sightseein'

From the recording Sightseein'


We got the Jeep packed tight and we’re beach bound
Girl we’re gonna bring this party to a shore town
You got your cell phone ready for the Instagram
So you can share all the pics with your girlfriends
I’ll be snappin’ a whole bunch too Every single one is gonna be of you
Ain’t gonna find a prettier view Girl I won’t lie to you
I’ll be sightseeing
Girl I like seeing you in that red polka-dot bikini
Sippin’ on that apple martini
I just love being next to you, diggin’ our feet into the sand
There’s nothing like watching you get that tan
So if you catch me sneakin’ peekin’
Girl I’m just sightseeing
You’re saying “where we gotta go to find the boardwalk”
I’m thinking “where we gotta go to see them cutoffs”
You keep saying “look at this and that”
Well it all looks good from where I’m at
Repeat Chorus
Seeing you underneath that moon
Makes me want to see a little more of you
CHORUS repeat
Writers: Kelley McGrath Eric Burgett; Justin Buttrey
Contact: Bob Dellaposta my3kidsmusic@comcast.net 615-290-8255