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  1. Raise It Up

From the recording Raise It Up


Raise It Up
Nothing lasts forever - so enjoy it while you can
Go ahead and take that chance while you hold in your hand
Let's get this party rollin' - get your ass up outta bed
C'mon let's rock it all night long - We can sleep when we're dead
Raise it up - knock it back
One for Bud - One for Jack
Here;s to friends - Here's to luck
So fill your glass - and Raise it Up
It ain't over 'til it's over - yea that's what the big man said
If you're going through hell keep going - maybe heaven's just ahead
'Cause the tough get goin' when the goin' gets tough - it's easy lemme show you how
Just live it up - drink it down - y'all get ready now. . .
(Repeat chorus)
Inst solo
(Repeat chorus) 2x
Writers: Jeswald & Shea
Contact: Bob Dellaposta my3kidsmusic@comcast.net 615-290-8255