PRODUCTION- My Three Kids Music has produced over 600 demos as well as master sessions for aspiring artists. We have access to several recording studios which enables us to work within your budget. We also offer a ten song track package which includes studio, engineer, background singers, producer and ten original tracks pre-mixed for studio use. Contact us for special price... *Price includes paid mechanical royalties for 1000 CDs. __________”
TRACK LEASING- Save $$$$$ by leasing pre-mixed tracks of our original country songs. Why spend $600 to $1000 in a studio with a live band recording new tracks? Listen to our male and female country catalog on our music page then contact us for a license. Each track is $250 for demo purposes and live performances...If the song is on a CD for sale then add an additional $91 for mechanical royalties for 1000 cd's.(total $341 per track) Tracks will be sent to you on CD and via mp3. Most have background vocals available but some do not. __________”
CONTRACTS & LICENSES- Single Song Contract, Mechanical Contract, Film Festival License, Track Lease License, Royalty Participation Agreement, Letter of Intent. All for $50, or $10 each sent on word document via e-mail. Send check to: My Three Kids Music P.O. Box 121962 Nashville TN 37212 __________”
MUSIC TO LYRICS- For $250, we will provide original music to your lyrics and a professional guitar vocal of the completed song with the trax and chord chart. No lyric changes will be made without your approval. __________”
SONGWRITING CONSULTATIONS- For $75/hr, we offer a phone or live consultation to discuss and answer all questions regarding lyric, melody, chord progressions, song form and structure as well as song commerciality in today's market. __________”
MUSIC PUBLISHING CONSULTATIONS- For $75/hr, we offer a phone or live consultation to discuss how to start and maintain a publishing company in today's competive market. We will provide all contracts and licenses needed. __________”
SONG CRITIQUES- For $25 per song, we offer mail-in critiques. Please include a cassette recording of your song with lyric sheet and SASE. Song will be critiqued on melody, lyric, song structure and commerciality. Mail package to: My Three Kids Music Po Box 121962 Nashville, Tn 37212 __________”
CONTACT For more info on any of the above services, please contact Bob Dellaposta