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My Three Kids Music: Songs


(My Three Kids Music)
May 12, 2015
Nora Collins



speed limit sign/ says 45 you're going over 60

cuz no one's around /in this sleepy town but you and me baby

late night ride/ holding on tight to your body

feels so right/ on the back of your bike where ya gonna take me tonight



Like a rocket on the road

Baby lets go

Get lost down a back road

Till the stars fade away at dawn

Yeah you’ll be driving me home


On the back of your Harley – ooooooo

On the back of your Harley – ooooooo




you know I like/ your dangerous side being wild and free

and I know you like/ the moon shining bright calling me your baby

rev it up/ kick up some dust let's get crazy

don’t slow down/ let’s cover some ground where ya gonna take me tonight


Repeat Chorus




Let's make some moonlight memories

Underneath a midnight summer sky

Tell me baby

Have you ever

Felt so alive?


Repeat Chorus

LEAD (8 bars)

Repeat Chorus


Writer: Nora Collins

Contact: 615-678-8417  615-290-8255