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My Three Kids Music: Songs


(My Three Kids Music)
February 23, 2013
Brianne Hepworth & Sandy Ramos

WRITERS: Ramos/Hepworth

Her hands were shaking as she closed the door behind her
So careful not to make a single sound
He started laughing the moment that he saw her
He threw his bottle of beer right at her and before she hit the ground, he said

I knew you’d be right back home
You can’t make it on your own
You won’t leave, you ain’t good enough for anything
You know you need me

She ran back outside without even thinking
Got in her car and started down the road
Two long miles later that red light started blinking
As the engine died she could almost hear him, as she looked at her phone, sayin'


She was so scared, so she said a prayer
Please Lord above I need a little help
She turned that key again, it started up and then
She heard a voice that came from somewhere else, It said

I knew one day you’d call home
Can’t you see you’re not alone
I’ll give you wings & the strength to do anything

Oh, I knew one day you’d call home
Can’t you see you’re not alone
Child with me, you've the strength to do most anything

I know you need me
I know you need me
You know you need me

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My Three Kids Music